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loudBird reviews & testimonials

We're at the top of the marketing pecking order!

The only thing sweeter than our clients? Seeing how our marketing strategies translate into real-life success and growth for the businesses we promote! Browse our reviews and client testimonials for a glimpse of what it’s like to work with LoudBird.

sophia sunwoo loudbird marketing reviews and testimonials

Sophia Sunwoo

Ascent Strategy

“Since LoudBird has a team of professionals when it comes to all things digital marketing and PR, we’re able to approach them with projects outside of copywriting and still receive outstanding quality and turnaround.


If you’re looking for a dependable, experienced, professional digital marketing team to work with, this is your agency.”

gary mccalla madrivo loudbird marketing reviews and testimonials

Gary mccalla


“LoudBird helped us with the rebrand and launch of our new website—including copywriting for the entire site and a comprehensive content strategy for the following quarter.


They’re tremendously helpful and knowledgeable when it comes to bridging the gap between brand voice, SEO, and UX.”

scott maurer md loudbird marketing reviews and testimonials

Doctor Scott Maurer

“My website redesign wasn’t going well until I found this agency.


They organized my content, made it user-friendly, and created a smart design—all while including SEO keywords I need to rank.”

dr. kinda aljassem loudbird marketing reviews and testimonials

Dr. Kinda Aljassem

“Marketing can be so emotionally draining, especially as an MD with a million patients and plenty of side projects that demand my time. Truthfully, I hate it!! But the LoudBird team makes it feel easy. Quit looking right now, because you’ve found your future marketing guru.”

shayenne chambers wilde honey blooms testimonial loudbird digital marketing

Shiann Chambers

Wilde Honey blooms

“If you’re looking for a team that can write witty, original website copy or product descriptions, look no further! They take my wild ideas and transform them into a VIBE. It’s so hard to hire marketers who can stay true to your voice, especially when you’re as picky as I am.


I happened upon these ladies (thanks Google) and let’s just say it was a dream come true. I felt I had found my business “fairy godmothers.” They took the time to understand me as a person, my preferences, my brand, and my future business goals. They were incredibly flexible, kind, and professional as we maneuvered the madness of starting a floral business from the ground up.


I may be a millennial, but I have very little experience regarding social media presence, social strategy, and building a following—Clair held my hand through the entire process, and I’m proud of the progress we’ve made. I’ve found forever friends and forever partners! So much love and gratitude for all the magic they create!”

jme bonnfigli wholesun wellness loudbird marketing testimonials and reviews

Jme Bonfiglio

Wholesun Wellness

“We had the opportunity to start working with the team approximately six months ago. Although our product was a bit different than any others they had worked with, they were enthusiastic to research and learn about the industry we are in, our product, and how our product is different. They wrote the product descriptions and were open to any suggestions that we wanted.


As our professional relationship has grown, they’ve also been writing our blogs and providing our customers with a variety of content that is always engaging and educational and sometimes humorous.


Adding them to our team was a fabulous decision that has allowed me to focus on running other parts of my business; knowing I can trust them to consistently provide content that attracts a stream of new visitors to our website but also keeps our followers coming back for more of the blogs!“

naawk nutritional supplement logo loudbird marketing reviews and testimonials

naawk cbd

“Clair and her team really helped us discover the outdoor voice of our brand and connect with the NAAWK audience.


They’re easy to work with and make the writing process smooth. Every one of us at NAAWK highly recommends LoudBird Marketing!”

dave's health and nutrition logo loudbird marketing reviews and testimonials

dave's health and nutrition

“We have been a happy client for over two years.


They are great at delivering clever and witty text and designed images for our nutritional supplement company’s social media.”

merilee despain daves health and wellness loudbird marketing reviews and testimonials

Merilee despain

Health Food + Supplement Retailer

“They helped us take our online marketing efforts to the next level.


It can be hard to know what to do in terms of digital marketing, but they helped us develop strategy and structure. They were professional and friendly.”

Cody belnap loudbird marketing reviews and testimonials

Cody Belnap

Business development professional

“They’re an absolute force when it comes to digital marketing. Clair was integral to our copywriting strategy and helped us find our voice in brand summaries, product descriptions, and more!


They are super knowledgeable and can really make an impact on your business.”

james moriarty green business professional loudbird marketing reviews and testimonials

james moriarty

Sustainability Consultant

“LoudBird has been very helpful as we expand and take on more projects, to be able to adequately showcase the successes of our clients toward more sustainable building practices.


Partnering with a team like Clair’s is great because they share our mission and values when it comes to what we are doing, so it is great to use their enthusiasm to help our marketing efforts.”

blumsi elizabeth lambert loudbird marketing reviews and testimonials

elizabeth lambert

Blumsi CBD

“LoudBird came aboard to help launch our luxury CBD line, Blümsi. It was clear they understood our ideal customer and creative vision from the start. They were able to craft a story I couldn’t put into words.


Clair was easy to work with, great at communication, and clearly executed our brand identity. We’re super pumped about the final result and love the copy they created. (5 stars!)”

certantees logo loudbird digital marketing reviews and testimonials

Shivonne harris

Certantees Apparel

“I went to LoudBird to launch my new ecommerce business—something I was excited but nervous to do. I knew nothing about websites and SEO, so it felt like a really overwhelming task. I needed to find someone I could trust to help me build my brand the right way. Clair was it.


The team worked within my budget to deliver exactly what I needed and answered all of my questions so I understood the entire process. They did everything from business strategy to graphic design to apparel concepts, brand ideation, SEO optimization, copywriting, and building the entire site from scratch on Shopify.


Now that my website is live, we’ve transitioned into social media marketing. It’s been awesome to see how all the moving parts come together to launch and begin selling a product line. And trust me, there are lots of them! But LoudBird is about as organized, deadline-driven, and strategic as they come.


If you want creative content with your true brand voice, smart content strategy, and trustworthy website developers and graphic designers, LoudBird is your agency. I used them for another entrepreneurial venture and they’ve earned their spot as my go-to team for all marketing needs. I am so grateful and can’t thank them enough.”

sustainable comfort leed consulting loudbird digital marketing reviews and testimonials

Andrea French

Sustainable Comfort, Inc.

“LoudBird has extensive knowledge in traditional marketing, social media, and PR—making them a perfect fit for our needs.


As a green building consulting and construction company, we needed a partner who understood that our approach is always to educate others about the industry and not to brag incessantly about how great we are.


We started with case studies, and the team provided a unique strategy to craft an engaging story that was relevant to the sustainability industry, conducted interviews, and delivered a professional and polished finished product that was on brand while helping us evolve our message of sustainable, community-based practices.


We often go to them for advice about overall business and marketing strategy, and they’re always able to provide helpful insights and tips.


I would recommend LoudBird Marketing to anyone who values organized communication, a friendly agency, creative thinking, high-quality services, and great value.“

annlan tran studio muse loudbird marketing reviews and testimonials

annlan tran

studio muse salon

“They have the passion, experience, and know-how in the marketing process!

I didn’t know how to grow my business or promote my training programs, apprenticeships, and courses.


Their attention to detail and quick responses made me feel confident with my choice in them.


They’re creative, funny, great listeners, and were able to shift my business in the direction that I needed to go.


They really understand the value of marketing for small businesses. I recommend them over and over!”

summer devotchka big brothers big sisters of utah loudbird marketing reviews and testimonials

Summer DeVotchka

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah

“LoudBird has been such a great asset to our organization!


I was looking for someone that had the ability to really hone in on our social media voice and personality. That had the ability to create quality content that our audience really wanted to engage with. After looking over many proposals and speaking with many marketers, we decided to work with Clair and her team.


We have had to ask for a few last minute special requests—being a small non-profit these things happen quite a bit—and Clair has always been so flexible and pleasant. I would highly recommend LoudBird!

my vet bookkeeper logo loudbird marketing reviews and testimonials

my vet bookkeeper

“We’ve been working with LoudBird for all of our copywriting needs, and we have nothing other than high praise for the professionalism, speed, and quality of her work.


The turnaround on their deliverables is super fast and never misses a beat on the messaging we want to get across.”

jessica ornsby a and o law group loudbird reviews and testimonials

Jessica T. Ornsby, LL.M., Esq.

A + O Law Group

“I have worked with LoudBird for two months so far and have truly seen the value of their services. They have shown themselves to be extremely professional, responsive, intuitive, and patient.


Each social media post that they have curated on my behalf has led to an increase in valuable social media interactions.”

chris duncan remde cbd loudbird reviews and testimonials

Chris Duncan

REMDE Naturals

“Copywriting can be an overwhelming process, especially if you are starting a new brand.


Over at REMDE we’ve worked with LoudBird from the very beginning and they’ve been a key part in developing the voice for our brand. We LOVE working with Clair!“

snugz usa logo loudbird marketing reviews ad testimonials

SnugZ usa

“Working with LoudBird has been a great experience from the very beginning. Their approach to copywriting is witty, creative, and professional.


We’ll be working with Clair and her talented team for a long time to come.”

woman anonymous profile loudbird marketing reviews and testimonials

Margaret lawler

CBD Retailer + Consultant

“We used freelancers before we found LoudBird, and the difference has been like night and day. Clair’s team is reliable and always respond quickly when we have any kind of issue with our website.


They’re also great writers who are great for FDA-compliant website copy that ranks on Google. They’ve done our CBD product descriptions, blogs, emails, and other types of projects for us.


We don’t have a marketing team at our small business, so having outsourced marketing to help us grow without the expense of hiring an employee has been a lifesaver.”

joseph oniwor joc renew you fitness academy loudbird marketing reviews and testimonials

Joe "Coach JOE" Oniwor

JOC Renew You Fitness Coaching

“Clair has been bringing us into the virtual space with a website redesign, Instagram and Facebook posts, and social media ads.


Their knowledge and attention to detail has aided in keeping us growing during the recent shutdowns and through major start-up growth.


I feel confident in recommending LoudBird. I am a start-up company, and they worked with me every step of the way delivering “big agency” execution with a boutique agency personal relationship feel.


They are not only thorough but also easy to work with and always willing to take the time to discuss concerns and respond to questions.”

sam funk benevolent generation loudbird marketing reviews and testimonials

Sam Funk

Benevolent Generation Group

“I worked with Clair and her team on a website redesign where we needed to revamp all of the existing content. 


They did a great job understanding our business, our target audience and what and how we needed to speak to that audience and then in drafting the content we needed. 


Their content work was fundamental to our site redesign!”

connor malmberg coverall home maintenance loudbird marketing reviews and testimonials

Connor Malmberg

Coverall Home Maintenance

“Clair was great to work with. The communication upfront and throughout the process kept things clear and helped keep the project on time throughout.


I was happy with the quality of work they provided in updating my website as well as providing the scripts for marketing videos.


I would recommend them and am planning to use them again in the future.”

maria marcotte supplement consultant loudbird marketing reviews and testimonials

Maria Marcotte

Supplement Consultant

“I’ve worked with Clair and the LoudBird team on many projects in the last 10 years, and what keeps me coming back is her insane amount of creativity and attention to detail.


She’s super casual and easy to work with, but still delivers impressive results. I love the ladies at LoudBird!”

david smith loudbird reviews and testimonials

David N. Smith

LT3 Strategy

“I’ve known Clair for years and have really enjoyed the time we’ve now spent working together to get the content strategy rolling for my own business.


LoudBird is responsive, strategic, and show a real vested interest in our success.”

mykindadoctor.com logo loudbird marketing reviews and testimonials

My Kinda Doctor

“Clair and her team are crazy responsive, easy to work with and, most importantly, talented.


They’ve helped us with our entire online presence, including coming up with a unique brand name, designing our logo, and planning out all of our content strategy for blogs and YouTube videos.


LoudBird and Clair are seriously amazing. What a relief to have a partner to decode health marketing! There’s so much competition, and we feel like they have really set us up to succeed.


We will be working with them for all of our needs in the future.”

lori odell cbd business owner loudbird marketing reviews and testimonials

Lori Odell

CBD Business Owner

“Clair and LoudBird are hands down the best marketing team I’ve ever worked with.


Pricing is reasonable and the quality of work they deliver is seriously impressive.


On a personal note, it’s so great to work with another woman-owned business that understands the challenges I’m facing as a female business owner and intuitively knows what I need.


Nothing but great things to say about this awesome marketing agency!”

isabel muller swtch underwear loudbird marketinng reviews and testimonials

Isabel Muller

SWTCH Underwear

“I needed cost-effective SEO solutions for my bootstrapped startup.


They were able to give me excellent support within my budget and timeline.


It was so easy to work with them even on opposite coasts! I highly recommend their services.”

brooke collins floral designer loudbird marketing reviews and testimonials

Brooke Collins

Floral designer

“These wonderful women know their stuff. I’m loving their educational products for social media! There are so many bogus social media guru’s out there, but LoudBird has helped me so much.


Their guides are easy to understand as someone who doesn’t do marketing. I feel like with their help I can grow my following and sell more bouqs!”

center of healing hemp logo loudbird marketing reviews and testimonials

Center of Healing Hemp

“We went through two web designers who were all talk and very little action and absolutely NO dependability.


After spending a huge amount of money for a website that was useless, we were very disillusioned. We were sure there wasn’t a single company out there that we could depend on.


Frustration was at its max when we met Clair. But we now have a marketing partner we can trust completely with any project.


LoudBird is AMAZING. They were professional and very attentive to our needs. They were affordable and, honestly, they became engaged in what our company is all about. They realized how important our website is for the success of our business and wanted to make it the best that it could be. They communicate on a regular basis, help keep us focused, and their work is OUTSTANDING.”

aline cbd logo loudbird marketing reviews and testimonials

Audrey Nunez

Aline CBD

“CBD is a very competitive industry, so I went to LoudBird to help me with my website copy.


I chose LoudBird because Clair and her team have a great track record with writing effective copy for health and wellness sites like mine and they also know their stuff when it comes to SEO.


I was really impressed with how easy the process was and how knowledgeable they were about FDA guidelines and the CBD industry in general.


They delivered the copy quickly and even gave me some feedback on my website design!


I would definitely work with them again in the future and can recommend them to anyone who sells supplements.”

lindsay frendt custom canvas prints loudbird marketing reviews and testimonials

Lindsay Frendt


“I read over the new website content and I seriously started crying! THANK YOU SO MUCH! If you can’t tell, I’m pleased with LoudBird.”

Sara Day loudbird marketing reviews and testimonials

Sara day

Utah Microloan Fund

“I love working with the ladies of LoudBird. They are smart, fun, and bring a ton of expertise to everything they do. Highly recommend!”

joanna smith the wave women coworking space loudbird digital marketing reviews and testimonials

Joanna Smith

Entrepreneur + The Wave Women's Co-working

“Working with LoudBird was productive and informative. They made the SEO process educational, fun, and sustainable.


We will definitely be working with them in the future.”

deb bilbao business coach loudbird digital marketing reviews and testimonials

deb bilbao

Business Coach + mentor

“LoudBird. Wow!!!  These ladies rock it at all things digital.  Not to mention, they are incredible humans. 


As a business advisor that gets asked all the time about digital marketing, these ladies are at the top of my list.”

anson calder new york logo loudbird marketing reviews and testimonials


Luxury leather Goods

“Our Marketing Director, David, recommended LoudBird, and we’re so glad he did. 


We worked with LoudBird to hone our social media presence and write educational blog content. They definitely know their industry.”

andrew consigli civico development loudbird marketing reviews and testimonials

Andrew Consigli

Civico Development

“Clair and LoudBird were fantastic to work with. The job was to provide content for a website and they did not disappoint and exceeded expectations.


We’ve enjoyed the creative process and look forward to more work together.”

gilded antler interiors logo loudbird marketing reviews and testimonials

Eva Lindsell Andersen

Gilded Antler Interiors

“LoudBird was quick and extremely responsive throughout our entire branding process.

Highly recommend!”

normal people health logo loudbird marketing reviews and testimonials

Normal People health

“Clair’s designers did our logo, and we couldn’t be happier with it. We gave her a bunch of jumbled ideas about how we wanted our blog to look, and she translated it into something more cool and special than we could have imagined.”


Two thumbs way, way up!

erica loomis little fabric shop loudbird reviews and testimonials why clients love loudbird

Erica loomis

Little Fabric Shop

“I started working with Loud Bird over a year ago with the goal of growing my business. They have helped me every step of the way.


From blog writing, SEO work, to creating social media post copy and designs, to recommending content strategy for blogs and social media, and introducing me to new types of content such as Reels on Instagram.


With their guidance, we have created a road map to grow and expand. In just a short time, I have more than tripled my business. I highly recommend Loud Bird for all your marketing needs.”

Kari langdale accountant and financial consultant loudbird marketing reviews and testimonials

Kari Langdale

Accountant and Financial Advisor

“When I found LoudBird, I was blown away by the female-first branding and it was so nice to see a marketing company that represents the type of transparency I want to have with my financial clients. 


Then I talked to Clair and I immediately knew that I would be a LoudBird client. Her way of explaining things like social media and website design is very direct, easy to understand, and helpful to someone who mostly uses online platforms to keep in touch with family…not sell my services!


I will absolutely be sticking with LoudBird.”

Ready to squawk?

We welcome every new LoudBird hopeful with a free digital marketing consultation with our Foundress, Clair. She’ll recommend the best digital marketing strategies for your business goals and budget. 


No need to take notes! After your meet and greet, we’ll send a custom proposal with pricing and service deliverables!