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marketing for sustainable brands

green lifestyle marketing for sustainable brands with eco-friendly products

your sustainable brand is selling a lifestyle

Modern consumers want to know how and where their green products were manufactured, where eco-conscious materials were sourced, and if your green business is practicing what it preaches with ethical labor, mindful distribution and shipping, and energy-conserving facilities. 


Your sustainable lifestyle brand is selling a hopeful, eco-friendly mission just as much as it’s offering sustainable products or services. Customers need to feel educated and empowered by your marketing, secure that they are making the responsible choice for our environment. And for the future safety and well-being of their loved ones.


Whether you sell sustainable hemp clothing, energy-conserving appliances, green building consulting services, or beauty products with zero-waste packaging… we’re your people. We want to help your eco-friendly business thrive!

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Sustainability is cool

stand out and get deep with your customers

What’s the most important element of sustainable brand marketing? Your story. Your customers want to know WHY your brand is eco-friendly. They want to see their sustainable lifestyle priorities reflected in your business’s mission—and in your logo, branding, website, and product descriptions. And especially in your advertising.


Your sustainable brand should be a familiar friend who shares their passion and dedication to a less wasteful, more intentional life. 


LoudBird can help you tell the story of your brand in a way that hits your ideal customer right in the feels. Build your sustainable brand’s reputation and win loyal lifelong customers with genuine, authentic green marketing.

Who Will I Be Working With

To grow my sustainable brand?

Clair, LB Foundress, is the queen of the crunchy lifestyle crowd. When she’s not digging in her organic veggie garden, she’s crafting on-brand copy and brand design for sustainable businesses like yours.


Clair is always excited to learn about the unique products and services offered by the sustainable brands we promote. 


She’ll sit down with you to discuss your main competitors, business and marketing goals, and the overall voice of your brand. Then she’ll send over a proposal with recommended services and affordable pricing. Get in touch to chat with Clair below!

Which Services Does LoudBird Offer My Sustainable Brand?

Which services do we NOT offer is probably a simpler question to answer! We’re a full-service boutique marketing agency. That means we offer pretty much any service you might need as a growing small business. If you don’t see what you’re looking for below, just ask! 

Which types of sustainable brands does Loudbird help?

If your business cares about our environment, preserving the natural habitats of endangered wildlife, and finding smart, innovative materials and manufacturing processes that have less negative impact on our planet…then you’ll love working with LoudBird! We share your values.

Marketing Advice for Sustainable Brands

15-minute marketing blog

Need the input of a digital marketing agency, like, yesterday? Our blog serves up free marketing advice in easy 15-minute chunks.

Ready to squawk?

We welcome every new LoudBird hopeful with a free digital marketing consultation with our Foundress, Clair. She’ll recommend the best digital marketing strategies for your business goals and budget. 


No need to take notes! After your meet and greet, we’ll send a custom proposal with pricing and service deliverables!