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Marketing for

Women-owned Businesses

Meet The 100% woman-owned Marketing Agency of your wildest dreams!

marketing for women, by women

What can we say? Birds of a feather flock together. Sometimes it’s just practical (and a whole lot more fun) to work with and support other women-owned businesses. Especially if you sell products that appeal to other women. Or that women—the most powerful household consumer—buy for others in their home.


We understand how to talk to your target market authentically. And we know first-hand the problems, needs, and desires your products can resolve.

We just GET IT. Without you having to explain the thing to death.


When you collaborate with fellow female entrepreneurs, there’s often an elevated level of communication. We’ve experienced straight-up hive mind with some of our bossbabe marketing clients! Not to mention we thoroughly enjoy a bit of business-affirming banter (after the work is done, of course). 


Sound like your cup of badass bosslady tea? Pull a chair on up to our table!

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What’s it like to…

work with a 100% women-owned marketing agency?

Um…AWESOME! As a female entrepreneur, you’re missing out on a ton of benefits if you aren’t working with a women-led boutique marketing agency like LB.


We specialize in helping women small business owners slay. With a deeper, more meaningful understanding of what drives the modern woman and her purchases. And it doesn’t hurt that we also know exactly what it’s like to forge your way as a woman in business. 

Who runs the world?


And they also run LoudBird! Our Foundress, Clair, is the gal you’ll be speaking with as soon as you schedule your free LoudBird consultation. 


While you may collab with other lovely ladies at LoudBird, Clair will always be your main contact. She’ll learn all about your woman-owned small business, including main competitors, your products or services, and the nuances of your audience.


After your consult, she’ll send over a proposal to tell you how your biz can use digital marketing to increase profit and target your ideal customers. Sound blissfully simple? That’s because it is! Get in touch with her below. She’s a notoriously freaky-fast email addict.

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Which Services Does LoudBird Offer Women-owned Businesses?

Which services do we NOT offer is probably a simpler question to answer! We’re a full-service boutique marketing agency. That means we offer pretty much any service you might need as a growing small business. If you don’t see what you’re looking for below, just ask! 

Marketing Advice for Women-owned Businesses

15-minute marketing blog

Have 15 minutes to level up your digital marketing game? You’re in luck! Each of our 15-minute Marketing blogs is designed to give you the know-how you need—in 15 minutes or less! Let’s GO!

Which Kinds of Women-owned Businesses Does LoudBird Help?

Marketing for women-owned businesses is our passion! While we do have a soft spot for eco-friendly and green businesses, health and wellness brands, and medical marketing for female physicians and practitioners, we work with all kinds of women-owned businesses! From makeup and haircare to feminine hygiene and libido-boosting supplements—we do it all. If you identify as a woman and own a business, you’ll love working with us.