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customized digital marketing strategy for small business owners and entrepreneurs

expert digital marketing consultants

Got a marketing question? Starting a new business or revamping your brainchild startup and need help defining a cohesive marketing strategy? Marooned on the S.S. Solo Entrepreneur and desperate for a digital marketing lifeboat to bring you back to safe marketing waters?


Our marketing  consulting services and digital marketing plans will land you some one-on-one time with LoudBird Foundress, Clair Jones. She has over a decade of experience coaching small business owners to find their individual recipe for sustainable, practical, and effective digital marketing.


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clair jones foundress and ceo of loudbird marketing with her finger on her chin and scratching her head as if she is asking why?


Running a successful, profitable small business is 80% careful planning and hard work. And roughly 20% luck and timing. While we can’t make you lucky, we can certainly share the small business marketing wisdom we’ve gained. Because if your big break comes, you better be ready to take full advantage!


• Get expert answer to your most burning digital marketing questions.


• Get an edge above the competition with custom advice that’s tailored to your specific business goals and industry.


• Bounce ideas off of an expert marketer to make sure you’re not wasting valuable time and mental energy.


• Get help planning your digital marketing strategy and reaching business development goals.


If you’re not ready to hire a digital marketing agency but you need some help ASAP, the most affordable solution is a marketing consulting session.


Knowledge is power—especially when it comes to upping your digital marketing game. If any of this sounds familiar, LoudBird’s digital marketing strategy consulting might be right for you:


• You have specific questions about social media, content marketing, search engine optimization, or any other area of marketing and you need succinct, specific answers ASAP.


• You’re tired of generic, surface-level marketing advice. You need custom solutions that apply to your niche or industry.


• You need affordable digital marketing strategy—you’re running the business by yourself and your budget is limited.


• You’ve tried digital marketing tactics on your own, but you just aren’t seeing results. And you don’t know why.


• You have a specific problem. Your blog posts aren’t ranking on Google. Your landing pages aren’t converting. Your emails have a sky-high bounce rate.


• You’re not tech-savvy and you kinda hate marketing. You need someone to break this down for you in a way that’s easy to understand and implement.

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Need custom, expert-level digital marketing advice ASAP? As a boutique digital marketing agency, we can usually fit you in quickly for one of our small business consulting sessions. For urgent business and marketing advice, snag a spot on our calendar.

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You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers. Check out our Marketing consulting sessions and marketing strategy consulting packages for every industry, niche, and budget.

branding consulting

Get an outside opinion on your logo design, brand guidelines, fonts, typography, color palette, and other brand strategy elements. Advice straight from our experienced, skilled branding and graphic design consultants.



Doing your absolute best to rank highly in search engine results? Not getting the organic, local search traffic you need to grow your small business? Our professional SEO consultants are ready to demystify winning SEO strategy.

web design consulting

Website have a high bounce rate? No traffic? Dated design? Or maybe you need a website, but have no idea where to start or how to get what you need from a website designer. Our website design consultants will explain it all!