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website design and development for small businesses

Reliable web designers and developers

It’s difficult to find a reliable website design and development team that is responsive to your needs. It’s even harder to find a team that builds beautiful, mobile-friendly, fast websites that please Google and other search engines. How do we know? Because we had to search high and low, sell a kidney, and wade through a LOT of duds to find the amazing website design and development professionals that make up the LoudBird team. 


We build small business websites.  Whether you’re launching a brand new WordPress website or want to graduate from Wix to Shopify for better SEO, we’re here to make your site fast and more user-friendly.


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should you hire a professional website design agency or a freelance developer?

It depends on your budget, timeline, and tolerance for b.s. We might be a little biased, but we always suggest hiring an agency to build your website. Here’s why.


• Agencies can definitely build ugly sites (not us!), but they usually can’t disappear. We’ve worked with far too many small businesses that hired a freelance website designer or developer who took their money, delivered a poorly-built, ugly website, and then disappeared off the face of the earth. 


• We’re just as budget-friendly as a freelancer. Agencies like LoudBird are often just as affordable as a freelance web designer or developer.


• Agencies offer a trustworthy, reliable team. Projects are never hung up due to sick days, gaps in communication, or unanticipated workload crunches that might impact a freelancer or contractor.


• Full-service convenience for all your marketing needs. Website design agencies like LoudBird also offer many other marketing services you need. So you can keep your marketing focused with one unified strategy.


If you don’t have time or mental energy to waste and you want a reliable, transparent website design and development experience, hire an agency like LoudBird.

Why Choose LoudBird's web design Services?

If you’ll indulge us in a super-nerdy analogy, your website is like the mothership for your entire online presence. Social media profiles, advertisements, word-of-mouth referrals, and organic search engine results all lead back to your website—so it better look great and function smoothly.


Here’s why LoudBird’s website design and development team is the right choice for small business WordPress and Shopify websites.


• Fast, furious, and focused WordPress and Shopify website builds. For when you don’t have time to wait for a non-communicative or slow web design team.


• Custom WordPress websites built with an intuitive page builder. So you can change small details like colors, fonts, images, and product details yourself, without waiting for tech support or your design agency to answer your email.


• SEO performance and user experience are prioritized equally for web design and development that ranks well in Google AND wows your customers.


•Lightweight code and image compression that helps your site load faster so Google will rank it #1 in search results.


• Mobile-friendly website designs. So your website looks flawless on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

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website design and development services

Your small business needs a thriving online presence to grow. And your website is the beginning and end of most customer experiences, whether they find you on social media, through an advertisement, or are referred by a friend. 


Let the LoudBird team design your website to rank highly in search engines, impress and convert customers, inspire trust in patients and clients, and give your brand the modern, professional look it deserves.

wordpress website design services

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Need a talented website design and development team to build a new WordPress website? Or whip your existing small business WordPress website into shape? We’re WordPress evangelists! We use WordPress for our own website, and we love it fiercely. But we don’t recommend WP for all small business owners.


WordPress is our recommended CMS for the following types of small businesses, based on search engine optimizations, website speeds, website design and functionality options, plugin availability, and top-notch customer and patient data security.

  • Small Businesses with limited products or services
  • Private Practice Websites
  • Non-profit Websites
  • Online Visit and Telehealth Websites 
  • Health Coach Websites
  • Medical Clinic Websites
  • Attorneys and Legal Websites
  • Healthcare Websites
  • Professional Portfolio Websites
  • Publishing or Author Websites
  • Med Spa Websites
  • Fitness and Wellness Websites
  • Service Provider Websites
  • Android and iOS App Websites
  • Bar and Restaurant Websites
  • Consultant Websites
  • Creator and Artist Websites
  • Architect and Interior Designer Websites
  • Event Websites and Microsites
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“We used freelancers before we found LoudBird, and the difference has been like night and day. Clair’s team is reliable and always respond quickly when we have any kind of issue with our website."

Margaret Lawler, CBD Retailer

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shopify website design services

Shopify is a clean, user-friendly solution for ecommerce businesses. If your small business has a broad product inventory, sells in-person and online, and needs maximum product structure flexibility, then a Shopify ecommerce website just might be right for you!


We usually recommend a Shopify website build for the following types of small businesses.

  • Ecommerce Websites With More Than 100 Products
  • Small Business Websites For Online And Brick-And-Morter Sales
  • Cruelty-Free Cosmetics Websites
  • Sustainable Clothing Websites
  • Nutritional Supplement Websites
  • Artist Websites With Broad Prints Selection Or Complex Products
  • Online Bookstore Websites
  • Gardening Supply Websites
  • Craft Supply Websites
  • Natural Pet Foods Websites
  • Eco-Friendly Accessories Websites
  • Fitness Equipment Websites
  • Jewelry Boutique Websites
  • Sustainably-Made Shoe Websites
  • All-Natural Skincare Websites
  • Bulk Organic Foods Websites
  • Farm Supply Websites
  • Zero-Waste Packaging Self-Care And Cleaning Products Websites
  • Websites That Need Super-Fast Setup With Included Hosting
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"The team worked within my budget to deliver exactly what I needed and answered all of my questions so I understood the entire process. They did everything from business strategy to graphic design to apparel concepts, brand ideation, SEO optimization, copywriting, and building the entire site from scratch on Shopify."

Shivonne Harris, Certantees apparel

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Sometimes your small business website just needs a little extra oomph! It’s a cinch to add a pop-up or make your homepage more mobile-friendly when you have a reliable website design agency in your back pocket. 


Updating your website after a brand revamp? Excited to improve user experience, boost your site speed and SEO, and tweak your website to convert at a higher rate? 


We can fix those annoying little issues you have with your website so you feel confident in your online presence. Or, jump in the back end every few months to perform site health maintenance, like plugin and CMS updates, and any other hiccups that might impact website performance.

website security and maintenance

Have questions about website updates for your WordPress or Shopify version? Need to update or replace plugins that you know have issues with your website theme? Don't break your site. Let LoudBird's experts step in to handle website CMS and plugin updates, make sure your site is secure, and purge any unnecessary plugins that might be slowing down your website.


Want to build your email list? Capture more leads on your site? Or have a website you love that needs a major facelift? We can make your website more mobile-friendly, intuitive for your customers, and primed for conversion. From adding pop-ups or lead forms to complete website redesigns, we're here to help you reach your small business website goals.

fast emergency website help

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