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Medical and healthcare

marketing for doctors

branding, marketing education, and websites for doctors

Have patients. great medical marketing is on it's way...

We’re not like other medical marketing providers—generic, stiff, boring, and antiquated. We have a sense of humor. Our marketing for doctors is as modern, caring, innovative, and cool as the physicians we assist.


Medical marketing, in our experience, is not a popular conversation topic with most MD’s and healthcare providers. You know marketing yourself is a “thing” and you might even dabble. But you don’t have the time or desire to add marketing your medical clinic to your plate.


We make managing your online reputation as a healthcare provider easy, helping you clearly tell your patients and colleagues who you are, your unique path to becoming a healthcare provider and, most importantly, why you care about your patients and your specialty. 


Think of medical marketing as one more tool in your pocket. It can help you groom your online rep, educate and comfort your patients, improve healthcare access with virtual medical visits, and automate time-consuming tasks so you can kick back and relax during your free time. Sound good?


Click below or scroll for more info on how we help doctors, medical professionals, and medical clinics pass the MCAT (Medical Marketing College Admission Test) with flying colors!

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Why You need

a marketing agency that knows doctors

We’ve worked with many medical doctors over the years, so we understand how challenging your career path can be and the red tape you often have to navigate within the healthcare system.


We skip the fluffy marketing jargon. We’ll explain in a practical, straightforward way, how we can tell your story, grow your practice, and expand your career and grant opportunities with marketing. And how we can give your medical website, social media profiles, and LinkedIn a modern edge to match your modern perspective.


Most of the docs we work with are either making the rounds at several different clinics and hospitals or have ventured out on their own as a private practice physician. We’ve also worked with medical research professionals. We know you’re busy. We keep meetings short and communication concise.

Who Will I Be Working With

To grow my medical practice or medical clinic?

Clair, LB Foundress, is the medical marketing expert you’ll be speaking with as soon as you schedule your free LoudBird consultation.


She will always be your main point of contact—you’ll never be passed off to an account manager and forced to repetitively voice your priorities and preferences.


She’ll sit down with you to discuss your main competitors, your practice, and your short and long-term goals. Then, she’ll send over a detailed proposal with recommended services and affordable pricing. Get in touch with Clair below!

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Let’s talk about healthcare storytelling, education, and using technology to help your patients—because that’s what medical marketing is, at it’s core.


What if you could positively shape the impressions patients have of you and your medical facility or private practice clinic before they come in for their appointment? Would they be more likely to leave some of their apprehension and doubt at the door and listen to your advice with an open mind?


What if, when you discharge a patient or complete their office visit, you could ensure they understand their aftercare instructions and have easy access to legit educational materials you’ve created about their condition? Not scary crap they find on WebMD.


And what if you could present your professional qualifications and publications in an interactive, impressive online format? It never hurts to tell your story yourself, with full control over the narrative.


We’ve helped doctors and health professionals like you do this and more. Let’s work together!

Online visits and telemedicine use tech to expand patient access to healthcare. They also make your life and busy schedule way easier. You can spend more time actually treating and less on the hustle and bustle of getting where you need to be. Patients can relax at home while they wait for you instead of fidgeting in a waiting room. 


We’ve helped doctors and medical clinics offer online check-ups for disabled and elderly patients. Telemedicine is also convenient for parents, busy professionals, and rural patients who may have to drive long distances to receive care.


We work with pediatricians, general practitioners, psychiatrists, licensed therapists, and other types of healthcare providers to introduce online visits and educate their patients about the benefits. Could your patients benefit from medical e-visits, too?

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Which Services Does LoudBird Offer doctors and medical professionals?

Which services do we NOT offer is probably a simpler question to answer! We’re a full-service boutique marketing agency. That means we offer pretty much any service you might need as a growing small business. If you don’t see what you’re looking for below, just ask! 

Which medical and healthcare specialties does LoudBird help?

From oncology to dermatology, pain clinics and substance use disorders to psychiatry and physical therapy for pelvic floor prolapse…we’ve heard (and marketed) it all. We love the nitty gritty terminology, patients-first attitude, and general badassness of the physicians we work with. So keep it coming! We’d love to work with you, no matter your specialty. 

Marketing Advice for doctors and medical clinics

15-minute marketing blog

Need the input of a digital marketing agency, like, yesterday? Our blog serves up free marketing advice in easy 15-minute chunks.

Ready to squawk?

We welcome every new LoudBird hopeful with a free digital marketing consultation with our Foundress, Clair. She’ll recommend the best digital marketing strategies for your business goals and budget. 


No need to take notes! After your meet and greet, we’ll send a custom proposal with pricing and service deliverables!