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content marketing

content strategy plans, blog strategy, email campaigns, and video marketing

content marketing that converts

Content marketing is QUEEN. We’ll sing the praises of well-planned blog content, email campaigns, and video marketing all day til our voice is gone. Because it works. And it’s one of the most affordable and sustainable ways to build your brand and convert more customers!


We’ve worked with brands large and small to map out content marketing strategy plans that help boost organic SEO through blogging, nurture new leads with engaging email campaigns, build email lists and sell products with strategic landing pages, and answer popular questions with video content and website resources.


We’re content marketing experts, and we’d love to share our mad skills! Click below or scroll to learn more about our content marketing and content strategy services.

clair jones foundress and ceo of loudbird marketing with her finger on her chin and scratching her head as if she is asking why?


Working with a professional content marketing team can help you map out your content strategy faster, better, and with your busy schedule and budget in mind.


If you put a solid plan in place and are consistent with your content marketing efforts, you can get major positive results in as little as 6 months.


• Learn which content marketing platforms are the best fit for your business. So you can focus your limited time and resources on what matters.


• Get actionable tips to improve your content marketing. Including email marketing, website copy, landing pages, blog posts, video marketing, and social media strategy. 


• Map a holistic content marketing strategy plan that connects the dots—how can all of your content marketing channels work together to form a cohesive whole?


Our absolute favorite thing about content marketing? It’s exponential. As you build your online reputation, your content becomes more likely to bring in organic (aka FREE!) traffic, leads, and sales. If you haven’t tried content marketing or it hasn’t worked for you quite yet, now is the time!


With our content marketing services, you’ll never have to guess or wonder again. You’ll KNOW your content strategy is solid and worth your valuable time and resources.


The LoudBird team has 20+ years of content marketing experience. We come from SEO, copywriting, and advertising backgrounds. And when we put our heads together, we come up with some truly unique content!


We’ll take the time to get to know your brand’s story—your mission, your products, what you’ve done in the past that’s flown and flopped, and how you like to talk to your audience. With special attention paid to your industry, competitors, and in-house resources. 


In a sea of content farms that produce generic content with poor return on investment, we’re a USA-based content marketing team you can count on to deliver. 

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content marketing and content strategy services

Content marketing may seem huge, overwhelming, and tedious. But, in our minds, it’s super fun! Like… holiday-party-with-free-booze-and-mini-quiches-level fun. Let us bring our boundless content marketing enthusiasm to your next project!


Our breed of nerdy might be just what your small business needs to stick it to the competition and place first in the search engine and social media algorithm rat race.

man playing chess content strategy plans loudbird digital marketing

content marketing strategy plans

Need examples of content marketing tactics you can implement? An organizational structure that brings together social media content, blog content, landing pages, ads, and email campaigns?We’ll share our content marketing strategy framework and populate it with content buckets, SEO blog topic ideas, and a calendar of seasonal post ideas to pull from year-round.


Get out ahead of your content marketing strategy so you aren’t playing an eternal game of catch-up, missing priceless opportunities to get your brand name out there and win more sales.


Our affordable content marketing strategy plans give you custom-fit daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly content marketing to-do’s. You can do as much or as little as you’re able, and LoudBird can always help with content production to take the weight off of your shoulders!

sustainable comfort leed consulting loudbird digital marketing reviews and testimonials

"We started with case studies, and the team provided a unique strategy to craft an engaging story that was relevant to the sustainability industry, conducted interviews, and delivered a professional and polished finished product that was on brand while helping us evolve our message of sustainable, community-based practices. I would recommend LoudBird Marketing to anyone who values organized communication, a friendly agency, creative thinking, high-quality services, and great value.“

Andrea french, sustainable comfort, inc.

woman thinking about email marketing strategy and email templates loudbird digital marketing

email campaigns for small businesses

Email marketing keeps your brand on their mind, in their inbox, and conveniently close-by when they want to make a purchase.


Have you built an email list, but aren’t quite sure what to do with those warm leads? An email newsletter is a great way to start!


You can nurture your audience without sending 5 million individual emails. We help businesses strategically plan, design, and implement welcome email campaigns, email drip campaigns, promotional emails for sales, and automated transactional emails.

professionally designed email templates

Keep each and every email campaign you send on-brand, both visually and through custom-fit email copy for your audience with LoudBird's professional email templates. Want to send a new email campaign to clients or patients? Simply swap out the old info and fill in the new, then schedule through your favorite email service.

email marketing strategy and performance audits

Do your email campaigns have low open rates and lackluster engagement and zero link clicks? Are your sales emails not converting, even when they're opened? Having trouble getting past their SPAM filter? Your subject lines, template design, or email copy likely need to be audited and optimized by our skilled email marketing experts.

full-service email campaign management

Need help planning and creating the perfect email campaigns and transactional emails for your new small business? Been in biz forever but need help creating emails that answer popular questions about your products, drive traffic to your new blog content, and all eyes on your social media profiles? Loudbird's email marketing team is here!

gary mccalla madrivo loudbird marketing reviews and testimonials

“LoudBird helped us with the rebrand and launch of our new website—including copywriting for the entire site and a comprehensive content strategy for the following quarter. They’re tremendously helpful and knowledgeable when it comes to bridging the gap between brand voice, SEO, and UX.”

gary mccalla, madrivo

woman videotaping herself for website video strategy loudbird digital marketing video strategy services

video marketing strategy

Video content marketing is (much to the frustration of busy small business owners) the future. And it isn’t going anywhere. Your small business needs to jump on the video marketing train, and fast. Need help getting started? We’ll work with you to plan, capture, edit, and publish your video marketing content.


Add video to your website homepage or about page. Share video content to grow your social media following. Build a YouTube strategy to diversify your small business income with paid partnerships and advertising payouts.


Whatever your small business video marketing vision may be, we’re here to help you make it happen.

Does Loudbird know my industry?

Great marketing is universal, and this aint our first rodeo. We’ve helped a wide variety of small businesses win big with digital marketing. But our marketing magic shines brightest for businesses that are doing their best to be sustainable and socially responsible. Don’t be shy if you aren’t on “the list”. Unless you sell dirty fossil fuels, hate dogs, or are just plain mean…you’re still invited to our party! Click below to learn more.

Is LoudBird a good fit?

If you’re into open, honest, and potentially humorous communication with your digital marketing agency, then you’ll feel right at home at LoudBird.


If you’re that rare small business owner who just loves lofty marketing jargon and eyeroll-worthy schmoozing… you’ll likely be disappointed. We’re fresh out.


Want to learn more about our creative process and what you can expect when you sign on for content marketing and content strategy services at LoudBird? 

Ready to squawk?

We welcome every new LoudBird hopeful with a free digital marketing consultation with our Foundress, Clair. She’ll recommend the best digital marketing strategies for your business goals and budget. 


No need to take notes! After your meet and greet, we’ll send a custom proposal with pricing and service deliverables!