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Social media algorithms may seem confusing and mysterious, but the recipe for success on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and other popular platforms is simple: consistency.


Because it’s so much work, many small businesses miss out on the viral selling potential of social media. That’s why we take social media strategy and planning off of your too-full plate with Instagram marketing, Facebook marketing, Pinterest marketing, and LinkedIn marketing.


We’ll help your brand stay consistent, implement all the recommended growth hacks to increase your following, and help you monetize social media profiles for maximum returns on your investment. Click below or scroll to learn more about our social media management and social media strategy services.

clair jones foundress and ceo of loudbird marketing with her finger on her chin and scratching her head as if she is asking why?


While there are MANY choices available for small business social media management and strategy, social media strategists are not created equal.


When you choose an inexperienced social media manager or social media strategist, you might end up with:


• Unprofessional post designs that make your brand look amateur.


• Mistake-ridden post captions with spelling and grammar errors or poor punctuation.


• Posts with spammy language or “banned” hashtags that could get your accounts suspended.


• Stagnant growth because your posting strategy is scattered and unfocused.


If you’ve made the smart decision to invest in professional social media management and strategy help, choose a reliable, professional social media agency so your investment pays off handsomely!


We know that, as a small business owner, being consistent with your social media is HARD. Growing your social media accounts is a full-time job, and Investing this much time and energy into social media just isn’t sustainable for most busy entrepreneurs, especially if they aren’t social media savvy.


Don’t want the expense of hiring a social media manager in-house? Scared to trust a freelancer with something as important as your social media strategy?  LoudBird’s experienced social media team helps small business owners:


• Understand the tactics that power your social media strategy so you can make informed decisions for future growth.


• Decide which social channels and tactics are the right fit for your business. Based on your industry, current social media marketing budget, and content creation capabilities. 


• Map out a realistic social media content strategy with daily, weekly, and monthly goals. To nurture brand awareness, send traffic to your website and blogs, and drive direct social media sales. 


• Plan and schedule social media posts, videos, and other audience-wooing content. To give you the hassle-free consistent posting schedule your brand needs to please social media algorithms. And your audience!

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To get maximum social media growth, small businesses have to fully commit. And accept that it takes time and effort to go viral.


While we can’t make you Insta-famous overnight, we CAN give you all the information and strategy advice you need to become a social media thought leader in your industry.

woman doing yoga taking a selfie for instagram loudbird digital marketing social media services


Your small business Instagram strategy should be ever-evolving. On top of creating original content for your Instagram feed, you also have to pay close attention to Instagram trends, Instagram algorithm updates, and new Instagram features…


Or, you can hire LoudBird and get back to running your business. We’ll learn the ins and outs of your products and brand story. Our peppy team of Instagram experts will write engaging, on-brand post copy, resize and edit original or stock photography, and create professional social media graphics.  Then, we’ll schedule your Instagram posts with your chosen software and add strategic hashtags to help your content get noticed. 


Here are some of the most common reasons small business owners come to us for Instagram help:

• You’re not sure how to take advantage of popular Instagram features. Like Instagram Reels, Instagram Video, Instagram Stories, and Instagram Highlights to win new followers.


• You specifically want help with Instagram Reels. You’ve seen other accounts explode using Reels, and you want to recreate that success on your small business Instagram ASAP.


• You’re posting a ton but not seeing results. You are working your butt off to grow your Instagram Business or Instagram Creator account but it just isn’t working.

You want to make more sales with Instagram Shopping. Preferably, without spending thousands each month on Instagram ads.


• You’d like to run Instagram ads, but you need organic feed posts to support your ads first. You know organic posts are essential to build trust in your brand, especially when you are actively advertising on Instagram.


• You’re starting a brand new Instagram for small business account. And you want to make sure you get started on the right foot with an optimized profile and proper post structure.

Hint! Hint! We also offer Instagram advertising services so your ads are perfectly cohesive with your Insta feed.

shiann chambers wilde honey blooms testimonial thumbnail LoudBird Digital Marketing

I may be a millennial, but I have very little experience regarding social media presence, social strategy, and building a following—Clair held my hand through the entire process, and I’m proud of the progress we’ve made. I’ve found forever friends and forever partners! So much love and gratitude for all the magic they create!”

Shiann Chambers, Wilde Honey Blooms

woman on facebook on laptop loudbird marketing facebook marketing and facebook strategy


Some social media strategists say that organic Facebook is dead. We disagree. While Facebook may not be as hip as its little sister, Instagram, it still packs a mean punch when it comes to driving qualified traffic to your most important website content—like blogs, resources, and landing pages.


Facebook organic feed posts, video content, Stories, and FB Live all give your business page credibility and a relatable personality customers can trust. While Facebook ads make sure new prospects are seeing your profile—a winning combo for many of our clients!


LoudBird can help you increase Facebook follower engagement, win more leads and email subscribers, and sell your most popular products and services on your Facebook business page. We’ll take the time to really get to know your brand so each post caption, image design, video, or giveaway you share is perfectly tailored to your target audience.

Hint! Hint! We also offer Facebook advertising services so your ads stand out on your customer’s FB feed.

jessica ornsby a and o law group loudbird reviews and testimonials

“I have worked with LoudBird for two months so far and have truly seen the value of their services. They have shown themselves to be extremely professional, responsive, intuitive, and patient. Each social media post that they have curated on my behalf has led to an increase in valuable social media interactions.”

Jessica T. Ornsby, A+O Law Group

woman browsing pinterest app on her smartphone loudbird marketing pinterest strategy services


Want to bring high-quality traffic to your blog posts and website resources for free? Catch your ideal customer when they’re ready to make a purchase and researching the best-fit product or service for their needs? Target high-value, female consumers who make purchasing decision for the entire household? Then you need Pinterest for small business!


Our clients have experienced MAJOR increases in website traffic from Pinterest pins with surprisingly minimal effort. Pinterest is where your customers get ideas, plan projects and purchases, compare reviews from trusted sources, and explore content.

Help you plan a Pinterest partnership strategy to work with other brands on shared boards, Pinterest promotions and giveaways, and other mutually beneficial tactics for Pinterest growth.


• Create beautiful pins, primed for discovery with strategic captions and hashtags.


• Incorporate video pins to expand your reach and grab the attention of your audience.


Decide if Pinterest advertising could be a good fit for your business. If it is, we can help you set up Pinterest advertising campaigns that drive traffic to your website and sell your products directly to customers.


• Curate your Pinterest boards with relevant, original content. 


• Create Pinterest-worthy blogs that convert your Pinterest audience into paying customers.


Hint! Hint! We also offer Pinterest advertising services for perfectly executed, visually stunning promoted pins.

summer devotchka big brothers big sisters of utah loudbird marketing reviews and testimonials

“LoudBird has been such a great asset to our organization! I was looking for someone that had the ability to really hone in on our social media voice and personality. That had the ability to create quality content that our audience really wanted to engage with. We have had to ask for a few last minute special requests—being a small non-profit these things happen quite a bit—and Clair has always been so flexible and pleasant. I would highly recommend LoudBird!

Big Brothers Big Sister of utah

linkedin app open on smartphone on desk loudbird marketing linkedin strategy linkedin profile optimization


LinkedIn is a highly underrated social media platform. Especially for small businesses that fulfill a unique niche or small businesses in the B2B services market.


LinkedIn is an essential tool to grow your online reputation as a small business owner or entrepreneur. It can capture warm leads—real decision-makers who can give the green light to partner with your brand quickly.


But first, you’ll need a trust-inspiring Profile to show them why your small business is the best choice for their needs! Don’t worry, LoudBird can help you:

• Optimize your LinkedIn profile. We’ll populate LinkedIn profile with the most strategic details about your business. We’ll also add a mobile-responsive banner, hashtags to get you noticed in searches, and images that show a bit of professional personality.


• Help you get started with LinkedIn video. We’re surprised more professionals aren’t using LinkedIn video! We’ll use it and other tactics to improve your profile’s exposure. 

• Plan a Pulse article publishing schedule that works for your brand. And help you decide which topics you should post about to attract your ideal B2B customers, small business services clients, or job-seeking colleagues on LinkedIn. Without ads!


• Schedule LinkedIn posts for your professional or business profile, so your feed is populated with fresh, engaging, thought-provoking content each week.

Hint! Hint! We also offer LinkedIn advertising services to promote your profile, posts, and Pulse articles.

dave's health and nutrition logo loudbird marketing reviews and testimonials

“We have been a happy client for over two years. They are great at delivering clever and witty text and designed images for our nutritional supplement company’s social media.”

Dave's Health and Nutrition

woman looking at social media on her smartphone loudbird marketing social media strategy plans


Your business is expected to share quality posts, engage with social media followers, and build partnerships with other brands that are active on social.  Not to mention the time spent capturing quality images and video content for social media. It’s a full-time job!


But you can absolutely increase followers,  encourage engagement, build valuable partnerships, and sell more of your product or service on social media—without spending an insane amount of your free time on content creation. The trick? Working smarter. NOT harder.


We’ll analyze your social media presence on all platforms and give you easy-to-implement tools, tactics, and tips to revamp your social media strategy. You can achieve viral growth without killing yourself! And we’ll show you how with a customized small business social media strategy plan.

High-level audit of your entire social media presence. So you have a better understanding of how all of your channels are performing, holistically.


• Drilled-down audit of each of your social media profiles. How your posts are currently performing, what you’re already doing right and what needs to improve for you to see maximum growth.


• Hashtags audit to determine if your hashtag usage is helping or hurting your social media growth.

• Analysis of social media post structure. Where are you placing your Instagram hashtags and are your captions easy to read? Are your videos the right length and aspect ratio for Facebook? Are your Pulse articles formatted correctly for LinkedIn readers? Are you incorporating the right CTA’s on Pinterest? We’ll tell you!


• General suggestions for better social media strategy, including how to get more followers, how to engage with followers and team up with other users, and the types of content you should be sharing on each platform to reach your social media goals.

Hint! Hint! We also offer social media advertising services to complement your organic social media efforts.

Joe Oniwor Coach JOE Testimonial thumbnail LoudBird Digital Marketing

“Clair has been bringing us into the virtual space with a website redesign, Instagram and Facebook posts, and social media ads. They are not only thorough but also easy to work with and always willing to take the time to discuss concerns and respond to questions. They worked with me every step of the way delivering “big agency” execution with a boutique agency personal relationship feel."”

Joseph Oniwor, JOC Fitness Coaching

Does Loudbird know my industry?

Great marketing is universal, and this aint our first rodeo. We’ve helped a wide variety of small businesses win big with digital marketing. But our marketing magic shines brightest for businesses that are doing their best to be sustainable and socially responsible. Don’t be shy if you aren’t on “the list”. Unless you sell dirty fossil fuels, hate dogs, or are just plain mean…you’re still invited to our party! Click below to learn more.

Is LoudBird a good fit?

If you’re into open, honest, and potentially humorous communication with your digital marketing agency, then you’ll feel right at home at LoudBird.


If you’re that rare small business owner who just loves lofty marketing jargon and eyeroll-worthy schmoozing… you’ll likely be disappointed. We’re fresh out.


Want to learn more about our creative process and what you can expect when you sign on for social media strategy and social media management services at LoudBird? 

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We welcome every new LoudBird hopeful with a free digital marketing consultation with our Foundress, Clair. She’ll recommend the best digital marketing strategies for your business goals and budget. 


No need to take notes! After your meet and greet, we’ll send a custom proposal with pricing and service deliverables!

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