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Our Fierce AF Foundress

The HBIC Behind LB

Crazy Hair. Don't Care.

Our Foundress, Clair Jones, has been hustlin’ from her home office since way before full-time remote work became stylish. She’s old enough that she owned a Tamagotchi (or seven) and still listens to Cream when she’s gardening. But she’s also a modern, millennial bosslady: idolizes Lizzo and heartily supports feminism, recreational cannabis, body positivity, and work-life balance. Fist Pump!


Keep reading to learn why you should trust her with your digital marketing.

Is She a Bit Eccentric?


Polite and Respectful?


Friendly and Inclusive?

You Betcha!

occasional potty mouth?


Talented marketer?

200% Yes.

writer first

She graduated with a degree in journalism and sociology. Then worked as a reporter in Kentucky and Washington, D.C. before making the switch to marketing and brand design. She still holds strong to her roots of journalistic integrity and has a knack for precise storytelling. The “psychology of the sell” will always fascinate her!

about clair jones foundress and ceo of loudbird digital marketing
loudbird digital marketing foundress and ceo clair elise jones

agency chops

Clair worked in the agency world for entirely too long. It was amazing, because she learned a ton. It was also just not her cup of tea. She got super burnt out and quit for a few years to become an aviation mechanic. While she is technically a licensed A & P, it probably wouldn’t be wise to let her fix your plane…


She’s pretty granola. An unapologetic environmentalist. From volunteer coordination for the Sierra Club to selling solar panels door-to-door, she’s had her share of crunchy jobs. If you don’t believe in global warming, you should probably just avoid the subject. She’ll eat you alive.

about clair jones foundress and ceo of loudbird digital marketing
about clair jones foundress and ceo of loudbird digital marketing


Why do we specialize in marketing for baby, kid, and parenting products? Because Clair is a breeder and she can’t get enough of brands that make #momlife easier. Don’t worry, she’ll only send pictures of her kids if you ask her to. And she whole-heartedly supports non-breeders. Having offspring is joyful, but so is plenty of disposable income and sleep!

100% remote

Clair strongly advocates for remote, flexible work schedules. Each and every member of the LoudBird team works remotely and has for 7+ years. We think if you can’t build a totally awesome company culture remotely, then you’re not trying hard enough.

about clair jones foundress and ceo of loudbird digital marketing
about clair jones foundress and ceo of loudbird digital marketing

and she really likes chickens.

Just in case you were wondering why she named our agency LoudBird! She’s also an avid organic(ish) gardener who grows tons of food and flowers. Other passions include painting, felting, trail running, and cooking. Homesteading nature nerd at heart!

Wondering who writes our digital marketing blog?

15-minute marketing blog

Want primo marketing tips and tricks, straight from the brain of our Foundress, Clair? You’re in luck! Our blog serves up free marketing advice in easy 15-minute chunks.

Ready to squawk?

We welcome every new LoudBird hopeful with a free digital marketing consultation with our Foundress, Clair. She’ll recommend the best digital marketing strategies for your business goals and budget. 


No need to take notes! After your meet and greet, we’ll send a custom proposal with pricing and service deliverables!