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SEO services

Search engine optimization for small businesses

Affordable SEO, simplified.

Search Engine Optimization Strategy—sounds pretty technical and intimidating, right? It CAN be, but it’s not rocket science if you have the right SEO strategy professionals on your side. Lucky you, because you found LoudBird!


From competitive analysis and keyword research to SEO audits, technical SEO implementation, and SEO website copy, we’ll be here to answer questions and offer advice every step of the way.


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Why do i need professional search engine optimization?

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is an amazing way to score new customers from Google search. But only if you do it correctly.


DIY SEO is totally a thing—so why do you need a professional to help you when you can do your small business SEO yourself and save a buck?


Welp…it’s pretty much the same reason you wouldn’t cut your own hair. You CAN do it. And it might even turn out alright. But it will never be a wow-worthy ‘do. And it might cost you a hot date.


If you’re serious about winning more sales with SEO, then you can’t just guess. And you can’t hire your cousin who watched a YouTube video one time. Half-planning your SEO strategy is a complete waste of your valuable time and marketing budget.


If you use the wrong keywords, you’ll show up in irrelevant searches and get tons of leads you don’t want. Or, you might not pop up in Google search at all and keep on losing those sales to your competitor who didn’t cheap out on SEO.


BUT! If you hire a professional and implement the right SEO keywords, you can get comfy on page one of Google results. Booyah! Suck it, unworthy competitors.

Why Choose LoudBird's SEO Services?

Some SEO agencies would have you believe that you must painstakingly maintain your SEO to rank highly. And spend a fortune for monthly SEO services.


While that’s true for huge mega-brands like Amazon, it’s simply not the case for most small businesses. All you need are solid SEO strategy, consistency, and TIME to rank on page one. 


How about practical, affordable SEO tactics to boost your SEO performance? We suggest an annual SEO audit, accompanied by strategic SEO blogs and educational resources. And a healthy dash of link-building to make sure your site is getting traffic from authoritative sources.


Our popular SEO for New Websites and SEO Audit packages deliver more than a bunch of spreadsheets you can’t de-code. We customize each package to your unique small business SEO goals.


We’ll give you actionable to-do’s and help you plan your custom SEO content strategy step-by-step. Using approachable language your team can understand. Let’s get started!

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SEO Services and SEO packages

Google is like a judgy but well-meaning mother-in-law. She can be annoying, high-maintenance, and hard to please. But you still need (ok, want) her to like you. 


We’ll share all the best tips and tricks we’ve learned over our 15+ years in the SEO biz. While we can’t tame the likes of your mother-in-law, we do regularly wrangle Google!


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SEO for new websites

Are you launching a new business? Congrats! Our SEO for New Websites services include everything you need to succeed with SEO.


Our focus for new website SEO is always to set up a realistic, do-able plan of attack. We know you may not have an unlimited budget, a team of SEO writers, and hours to spend on SEO. And that’s okay.


We’ll give you weekly, monthly, and yearly goals to improve your SEO at the cadence that fits YOUR business. How do we know it works? We maintain our own site and the site’s of countless clients who are raking in those leads and sales. Check out our reviews and testimonials for proof!

Competitive analysis

Prime your new business website to start climbing search engine results pages before you go live. We'll analyze your biggest local and national competitors and tell you which keywords they're organically ranking for and what they're doing right to optimize their websites. Plus, how you can do it better to steal the digital marketing limelight!

keyword research

The keywords you use in your website copy, blogs, and product descriptions matter. Keywords and keyword phrases are Google's way of finding and categorizing your page content. Ignore them, and search engines like Google may ignore your site! We'll deliver the words and phrases you need to incorporate to help your site rank faster.