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Branding services

logo design and branding for small businesses

Professional Branding and Logo Design

Launching a new small business and need an original, strategic brand name, beautiful logo, and cohesive brand guidelines? Ready to bring in a professional design team to give your startup the legit look it needs to continue to grow? Or maybe you’ve been running a successful company for decades that needs a fresh, modern re-brand to attract a broader clientele.


Whatever your story may be, we’re excited to learn the nuances of your business and craft a brand identity that translates your unique small biz mission. And did we mention we build websites?!


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Why work with a professional branding agency to design my logo?

While a professionally designed logo will make you look effortlessly legit, an amateur (or just plain ugly) logo instantly dashes your credibility. Poor design cheapens your brand and distracts from your important message, no matter how eloquent you are or how awesome your product may be.


Many entrepreneurs launch their small business without investing in professional brand guidelines. Flash forward months: they need to entirely rebrand because:


• Another business shares their brand name and they have been sent a cease and desist.


• Their brand name and logo aren’t memorable enough. Customers aren’t spreading the word.


• They’ve already outgrown their logo. It seemed fine when they first started, but they now realize it looks unprofessional.


Now, they’re faced with the daunting and stressful task of changing their logo, packaging, website, and merchandise to reflect a serious brand identity they can be proud of. And that’s a hell of a lot more expensive than doing it right the first time, folks. Need we say more?

Why Choose LoudBird's Professional Branding Services?

If you invest in ONE thing to ensure the success of your small business, it should be your branding. Why? Because your branding is the heart, soul, and face of your business. It broadcasts to the world what you stand for, what you offer, and your entire VIBE. 


At LoudBird, building brands is our passion. Each and every branding project starts with an in-depth discovery session with our Foundress, Clair. She’ll ask pointed questions to gather all the most important information about what your brand does, your ideal audiences, your business goals, and your aesthetic preferences. 


This working session not only helps LoudBird define your brand, it often also helps small business owners get more in touch with their brand identity and figure out their high-level logo and color palette preferences. All you need is a bit of guidance!


Don’t have a brand name yet and searching for the perfect words to capture your business vision? We’ve helped many now-thriving businesses name and brand their new small biz. We’ll guide you through the exciting process of finding your perfect brand name from start to finish.

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Branding Services and Brand Guidelines

We fancy ourselves blessed. Branding new businesses and re-branding established businesses to breathe new life into their marketing is truly one of our favorite things.


The wonderful thing about loving something? Our enthusiasm often spills from our cup to yours. Yes, branding can be stressful. Yes, it’s a huge decision that will impact the future of your business. But it’s also a fun, creative, and validating experience that can help you truly understand your business niche and audience.


Let LoudBird help you create a brand that JUST FEELS RIGHT. When it all falls into place your new logo and brand guidelines should make you do a happy dance inside. And we’ll be right there with you, grooving to a celebratory mental two-step of our own. 

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Brand Naming Services

There’s a surprising amount of work that goes into finding the perfect brand name. While much of brand strategy is creative and artistic, choosing a relevant and practical name for your business is also essential. You have to love the name, but your brand naming also has to fulfill certain utilitarian needs.


We’ll help you map out a brand name and business identity that’s mindful of SEO and content marketing strategy. AND so richly meaningful that it’s impossible to forget. 

Competitive landscape

What are similar brands in your industry named? Which naming qualities do you like and which rub you the wrong way? Your brand should stand out from the pack and be memorable and unique.

Accessible Meaning

Brand meaning and logo symbology are subjective, right? Yes and No. Is the meaning held in your favorite brand name choice accessible to your customer or just to you? We'll make sure your vision isn't lost in translation.

Strategic for SEO

Will your brand name be strategic for search engine optimization? Should your business name and website URL include industry SEO keywords? You can help your new business succeed by choosing a strategic brand name.