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PPC and Social Media Ads Services

pay-per-click PPC advertising and social media advertising for small businesses

lower your costs and boost conversion

We’ve got all the acronyms over here: PPC, CPC, CPA, CPL CTR, CTA, ROI, and ROAS! But does throwing around advertising jargon make us any better at getting you the most leads, clicks, conversions, or actions for your advertising spend? Um…no. It does not.


Then what does make us a worthy ads agency? We combine attention-grabbing visuals with emotional, informative advertising copy to gain you not only clicks, but loyal, lifetime customers. We design, manage, and optimize advertising campaigns for display, video, social media, and more. With us, you’ll keep all of your digital marketing conveniently under one roof. That means ads that flow harmoniously with your landing pages, content strategy, SEO, and branding. Finally!


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clair jones foundress and ceo of loudbird marketing with her finger on her chin and scratching her head as if she is asking why?


We 100% support small business owners getting familiar with popular advertising platforms. You should absolutely know the basics—how to build an ad, and the types of ads that are available to you on Google, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and other platforms. 


You may even want to try running your own ads. Self-management can work well for many small business owners. But, as your business grows, you’ll have less time to monitor your own ad campaigns. You’ll eventually need help.


With a higher ad spend comes higher stakes. A poorly-targeted ad could cost your business thousands. An ad with a spelling mistake, off-brand image, or insensitive messaging could damage your online reputation.


You need a responsive team you can trust to create and manage your ads and deliver monthly ads analytics. You need a proven PPC and social media ads agency.


Want results instead of endless pep talks and promises of future sales? That’s how many of our new clients come to us: fed up and jaded, having spent thousands on ineffective ads with unimpressive creative and copy. If this sounds like you, you might need LoudBird:


• Something has changed. You were getting a great cost per lead, but now it’s sky high. 


• You’re getting leads, but they aren’t qualified. 


• You need to scale YESTERDAY, but your conversion rates aren’t great. You need optimized ads before increasing your spend.


• Consumer’s have chosen not to share their browsing data and your targeting was crippled.  


• You have zero extra time in your day to monitor your campaigns yourself. And you don’t want to.


• Your ads are performing decently, but you know you could be getting more conversions at less cost if you had the help of a professional PPC and social media advertising agency.

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Ready for entertaining, engaging, and educational ads that perfectly pair with your brand voice and vibes? How about more qualified leads from your ad spend, so you can find your ideal customer within your budget.


Find out more about our affordable monthly PPC and social media advertising campaign management, ads audits, and analytics setup services below. 

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Have you tried your hand at social media advertising on Pinterest, Facebook, or Instagram and realized you’re in over your head? Has your small business advertising budget grown, but your time to manage ads has shrunk? Are you ready to bring in an experienced PPC and social media ads team to bring in more leads at a lower cost per lead?


LoudBird specializes in helping small businesses with healthy advertising budgets optimize social media advertising campaigns to bring in tons of ripe-for-the-picking leads. OR social media sales—cha-ching! OR email list subscribers! Hiyah!


We can deliver the business-boosting social media ads your small business needs. While carefully building an online presence that inspires loyalty, repeat purchases, referrals, and sparklingly positive reviews. Let’s DO this ads thing. Learn all about our social media ads management services below.

Pinterest Advertising for small businesses

Pinterest is one of our favorite up-and-coming advertising platforms for small businesses. It's a perfect fit for services, products, and share-worthy ideas that appeal to educated, crafty, fashionable women of all ages. It's perfect for driving traffic to conversion-aimed blog posts or building valuable email lists. And selling directly to inspired pinners who discover your brand.

Instagram Advertising for small businesses

Instagram was built for beautiful ads. We've used it to build the clientele of dentists, plastic surgeons, dermatologists, and online therapists. And it's a fantastic social media advertising platform for brands that want to sell directly on social, build their email lists, and bring ready-to-convert, qualified traffic to blog posts and other website content. We love Insta ads!

Faceboook advertising for small businesses

Facebook is the OG social media advertising platform. With that comes some well-established rules—and a hell of a lot of rapid-fire changes as privacy laws, ads targeting, and social media algorithms in general evolve. We specialize in getting hard-to-advertise products and services the spotlight they need, including supplements, fitness, and other tricky markets.

joseph oniwor joc renew you fitness academy loudbird marketing reviews and testimonials

“Clair has been bringing us into the virtual space with a website redesign, Instagram and Facebook posts, and social media ads. Their knowledge and attention to detail has aided in keeping us growing during the recent shutdowns and through major start-up growth."

Joseph Oniwor, JOC Fitness Coaching

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Wanna place your brand  and services directly in the path of the consumers who want to buy them RIGHT NOW? Does your small business offer services, products, or medical care to a local audience? Do you need superior targeting with a focus on SEO keywords you know your customers are searching for on Google?


PPC could be an affordable way to improve brand awareness and pull your website to the top of search results. You’ll win more valuable local and national for your small business or medical practice.

Google PPC Ads

for Small Businesses

Google is the KING of PPC. If your small business wants valuable local leads, masses of national leads, and brand recognition that's hard to beat—consider Google PPC ads.

Search Engine PPC ADS for small businesses

Google isn't the only place to run your small business PPC ads! Depending on your audience demographics, Bing and other search engines can be a perfect-fit advertising platform.

YouTube ppc & ppc ads for small businesses

YouTube ads are our favorite because they can be super targeted and emotional. You'll get access to primed buyers—possibly even right before they watch your competitors' videos!

lori odell cbd business owner loudbird marketing reviews and testimonials

“Clair and LoudBird are hands down the best marketing team I’ve ever worked with. Pricing is reasonable and the quality of work they deliver is seriously impressive. On a personal note, it’s so great to work with another woman-owned business that understands the challenges I’m facing as a female business owner and intuitively knows what I need. Nothing but great things to say about this awesome marketing agency!”

Lori Odell, CBD Biz Owner

man looking at a spreadsheet on a laptop ppc and social media ads analytics and audits loudbird marketing services


Want to know which ads are your top performers? How can you re-create that success and get a similar cost per conversion with new and improved PPC or social media ads? 


Are your ads getting clicks, but you’re still not actually converting once they hit your landing pages? Are you testing several landing pages, but having trouble tracking which is converting at the highest rate? Do you want to find out which pages on your website are driving the most conversions? Or which pages might be contributing to your bounce rate and squandering valuable website traffic.


Our PPC and social media advertising audits give you the advantage of a professional ads manager to analyze, optimize, and set up fuss-free reporting for your ad campaigns. 


Get a bird’s eye view with Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Google AdWords setup. Or drill down deep with custom reporting and tracking. Our audits will help you pinpoint what needs to change about your approach to PPC and social media advertising approach. Then, we’ll help you tweak ads and targeting to get the advertising results you need.

maria marcotte supplement consultant loudbird marketing reviews and testimonials

“I’ve worked with Clair and the Loud Bird team on many projects in the last 10 years, and what keeps me coming back is her insane amount of creativity and attention to detail. She’s super casual and easy to work with, but still delivers impressive results. I love the ladies at Loud Bird!”

Maria Marcotte, Supplement Consultant

Does Loudbird know my industry?

Great marketing is universal, and this aint our first rodeo. We’ve helped a wide variety of small businesses win big with digital marketing. But our marketing magic shines brightest for businesses that are doing their best to be sustainable and socially responsible. Don’t be shy if you aren’t on “the list”. Unless you sell dirty fossil fuels, hate dogs, or are just plain mean…you’re still invited to our party! Click below to learn more.

Is LoudBird a good fit?

If you’re into open, honest, and potentially humorous communication with your digital marketing agency, then you’ll feel right at home at LoudBird.


If you’re that rare small business owner who just loves lofty marketing jargon and eyeroll-worthy schmoozing… you’ll likely be disappointed. We’re fresh out.


Want to learn more about our creative process and what you can expect when you sign on for pay-per-click and social media advertising management and strategy services at LoudBird? 

Ready to squawk?

We welcome every new LoudBird hopeful with a free digital marketing consultation with our Foundress, Clair. She’ll recommend the best digital marketing strategies for your business goals and budget. 


No need to take notes! After your meet and greet, we’ll send a custom proposal with pricing and service deliverables!

We're No Spring chickens. we know our stuff!

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