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Our Process

(How We Get Sh*t Done)

We're Wearing our big girl panties and we're ready to work

Our small business marketing agency vibe? Fresh. Focused. Fiercely creative.


We bring the same productive, positive mindset to every digital marketing project we take on, and it tends to rub off on clients. If you can dig our laid-back but calculated workflow and enjoy open discussion as much as we do, then we might just be the perfect small business marketing agency for you!


Read on to learn more about our marketing process.

50s era woman snapping and making a wicked face loudbird marketing is fast, flexible, and agile

Fast and Flexible

As a small business marketing agency, we have the freedom to be much more agile than a larger firm. You’ll never be placed on a waitlist or waste months waiting for project kickoff.

Because we’re a boutique agency, we have significantly shorter timelines and less red tape standing between you and your marketing goals.


Clear and Collaborative

We value clear, honest communication. In our book, overcommunicate is better than miscommunicate.

With open communication comes improved collaboration. While we don’t accept all clients, the small business owners we do serve get a more personal (dare we say friendly?) working relationship. 


Example: when you get an email or call from LoudBird, our Foundress, Clair, will almost always be the person you’re chatting with. Kinda awesome, right?

We Don’t Take Ourselves Too Seriously

Marketing is NOT the most important thing in our lives—or yours (we hope).


And we refuse to act like it is. This is one of the main reasons our Foundress, Clair, left the agency world. If we had a dime for every time we have heard the word “synergy,” we’d buy a mansion in Palo Alto. 


Marketing can be crazy effective without the pretense and pageantry.


We’ll absolutely bust our butts to help your business succeed. But we’ll also have a few hearty laughs along the way. Life is too short to have boring, stiff business exchanges!


We’re Trustworthy and Honest

Been burnt by a freelance web designer, SEO “expert”, or trendy digital marketing agency in the past?


Unfortunately, this is a story we hear all too often. We aren’t like that. Our pricing is transparent, our services are top-notch, and our “bedside manner” has been given 2 thumbs way up by many past and current clients. 

loudbird marketing foundress clair jones laughing
left brain right brain illustration loudbird digital marketing blends analytical and creative thought

Creativity Meets Strategy

Every marketing agency says they are creative and strategic. Yet plenty of our clients come to us frustrated with their former marketing agency, SEO agency, or branding agency. Why? Because it was either creative OR strategic. Never both. 


Marketing Agency #1: No Strategy Game

Excellent graphic design and copy. PPC advertising, SEO, and anything strategic fails.


Marketing Agency #2: Creatively Bankrupt

Amazing grasp of marketing technology and analytics. But their web copy bores you to tears. And their work just isn’t your brand voice or aesthetic, despite exhaustive feedback.


LoudBird: Creative + Strategic Perfection

Reliably delivers creative AND strategic SEO copywriting, branding and graphic design, website design, and anything else you need. Actually takes the time to get to know your brand and deliver unique, custom marketing.

How Can I Become a LoudBird Client?

We thought you’d never ask! LoudBird can take branding and digital marketing off your plate in as little as one business day. Becoming a client takes just six quick and easy steps.

steps to become a loudbird marketing client illustration


Scroll down to our form or hit that “Contact Us” button to book your free LoudBird consultation. We’ll discuss your marketing goals and how our team can help you reach them. We’ll send you a custom proposal with all of the juicy deets.



We trust you and all, but we still require contracts. This step ensures we are all on the same page about deliverables, timeline, and other goodies.



LoudBird will invoice you before starting your project. While we do accept credit cards, we prefer to be paid in IKEA and Whole Foods gift cards. (Just kidding, please don’t do that.)


Step 4: WORKIN’ IT

Let’s get started! We’ll deliver all the info we need about your business and set up your private client space. Finding and sharing project files is simple on your desktop, tablet, or mobile device, from anywhere.



LoudBird will finish your project right on schedule. Any work you need us to do in the future—we’re here! Once a LoudBird client, always a LoudBird client!



Pay it forward by giving LoudBird a glowing testimonial. Or, refer a friend for perks!

We're No Spring chickens. we know our stuff!

15-minute marketing blog

Need the input of a digital marketing agency, like, yesterday? Our blog serves up free marketing advice in easy 15-minute chunks.

Ready to squawk?

We welcome every new LoudBird hopeful with a free digital marketing consultation with our Foundress, Clair. She’ll recommend the best digital marketing strategies for your business goals and budget. 


No need to take notes! After your meet and greet, we’ll send a custom proposal with pricing and service deliverables!