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professional copywriting

copywriting, blog writing, and website copy for small businesses

Your website should have beauty

—and brains

Your website should always be dressed to impress. But it also needs substance. If your branding is the beauty, then your copywriting is the brains. Professional copywriting can charm them, educate them, and even make them chuckle. It can be as quirky, adventurous, and joyful…or as luxurious, refined, and effortlessly cool as your brand.


LoudBird’s expert copywriting team serves up the website copy, product descriptions, landing pages, SEO blogs and resources, and video scripts you need. We can handle any copywriting project you throw at us, including e-books, case studies, infographics, pamphlets, flyers, theme songs, wedding speeches, heartwarming emails to your overbearing mother…pretty much anything your little heart desires. 


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Why should i work with professional copywriters?

The person you hire to write your website copy, blogs, website resources, and product descriptions has to be well-rounded, to say the least. They need to…


• Possess the innate writing skills to translate the tone, voice, and overall FEEL of your brand. 


• Be well-versed in writing for search engine optimization to incorporate SEO keywords in the right locations and at the appropriate density to bring traffic to your website.


• Command knowledge of proper copy formatting for better readability, SEO, and user experience.


• Give a crap.  Don’t laugh! The biggest issue with run-of-the-mill copywriters is that they do not take the time to gain full knowledge of your unique needs, preferences, and product selling points. So you end up with copy just like everyone else’s. And not in a good way.


Don’t waste your money or time. Hire a professional copywriter with experience who will deliver amazing copy and make the process easier, faster, and more convenient for your busy schedule. 

Why Choose LoudBird's Professional Copywriting Services?

LoudBird can make you look great, sound better, and sell more. You’ll get professional copywriting that ticks all your boxes.


• Authentic, friendly, and customer-focused.

• Informative, educational, and precise.

• FDA-compliant, research-driven, and thorough.

• Succinct. No fluff but PLENTY of personality.

Adheres to your chosen style guide.

• Optimized for SEO and User Experience.


If you’re tired of generic, boring, lifeless copy that doesn’t convey the personality of your brand, work with us.


Need strategic, optimized SEO website copy that helps you rank well on Google? Work with us.


Require technical or research-driven copywriting that complies with complex FDA guidelines? Work with us.


Website writing that inspires trust in your medical practice or health clinic? Work with us.


If you need anything awesome in the form of the written word—work with us!

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Expert Copywriting and Editing Services

Writing is in our blood.


We are creative copywriters, trained journalists, technical writing nerds, wordsmith poets, blogging thought leaders, and viral social media influencers. And we know our craft.


We can create the brand-personality-saturated website copy, SEO-boosting blogs, customer-pleasing product descriptions, reputation-grooming case studies, and brain-training technical writing you need to kill it in your corner of the interwebs.

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Website Copywriting Services

Blood. Sweat. Tears. Lots of your hard-earned money. And plenty of choice swear words. This is what small business websites cost!


But for some (completely illogical) reason, we see many small business owners shell out the big bucks for a beautiful, fast website—then fill it with unprofessional, redundant website copywriting that entirely ignores SEO.


Don’t let this be your sad story! Your website needs on-brand, eloquent, approachable, SEO-keyword-rich copy to reach its full potential. Whether you’re in it to spread earthshaking ideas or fill your coffers, we’re the best outsourced copywriting team around.

Website Content for Better SEO

Reading good website copywriting should feel like having a friendly conversation. Unless you want to sound like a used car dealer, you need to have some finesse. We'll help you fill your core website pages like your homepage, about page, contact page, and FAQ's with messaging that communicates your mission while subtly selling the heck out of your product or service. And we'll incorporate your SEO strategy, too!

Landing Page copy

that Converts

WE know your products and services are awesome. But you still need to convince those would-be customers, patients, and clients. Whether you're building a landing page to grow your email list or to A/B test ads, landing pages are some of most important content on your website. Landing pages are usually long and lean. We'll highlight all of the relevant details without being redundant or overly "salesy".

Phone tree promos and video scripts

When a customer calls your business, is there more than elevator music to keep them company while they wait? If not, we can help you write a phone tree promo script to help convert calls! Not confident in your freestylin' sales abilities and need guidance for video ads, a website welcome video, or a virtual course? With LoudBird on your side, your business (and you) will always sound effortlessly cool, calm, and collected.